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Prides itself on being Queensland’s Fastest Growing building and pest inspection company, offering professional and friendly services to all clients. With inspectors boasting Engineering Backgrounds, we bring unmatched experience and knowledge to every job. As we expand our services throughout Australia, our commitment remains steadfast in delivering property reports of the highest standards and professionalism. Trust us for comprehensive inspections and expert advice on your property needs. As a fully licensed and insured company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and professionalism. Our membership in esteemed organizations like the Master Builders Association and the Institute of Building Consultants underscores our dedication to upholding industry standards. Adhering strictly to current Australian Standards, we ensure that each property inspection is conducted with meticulous attention to detail and integrity. Being independent of any third parties means that our property reports are tailored specifically for you, guaranteeing unbiased and personalized assessments. With highly trained industry professionals at the helm, we deliver comprehensive and independent property reports at the most competitive prices, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Building and Pest Inspection

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Building Inspection

Building Inspections is to ensure building construction meets regulatory requirements. Our inspectors includes accessibility of the building, life safety, mechanical aspects, plumbing, fire safety, structural and architectural design.

Under Building Inspection, we conduct a defect examination of the building. The aim is to find out any work that may seem defective. Also defects include any work that has deviated from the relevant standards of the Building Code of Australia.

We also conduct Building Inspections during the course of building and at completion. In case the Building is in the construction phase, we authorise for progress. In case we certify that the building has met the requisite standards, we authorise for release of funds. After every Building Inspection, we provide a detailed report. 

Our Inspectors

Our reliable team of Building Inspectors is keen to provide clients with technical professional expertise and unique customer experience. 

We send reports on the same-day or we don’t charge you any fees if your report is not ready as promised! 

We always aim to develop trust with our clients. Our inspectors are certified, qualified and reliable in all aspects of inspection for all types building inspections. The team of our inspection staff includes architects, professional engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers.

Our building inspection charges are reliable and quick and our insurance policy is also protecting our customers. 

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TERMATRAC Thermal Camera

The TERMATRAC is the world’s best thermal sensor. The T3i Thermal Sensor detects changes in surface temperature and thermal anomalies from current to reference point. An infrared sensor averages the temperature in the area of the laser pointer to provide a numerical result.

Advanced Moisture Meter

Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus is a building inspection tool which shows defects without any damage to the property. Moisture meter helps us to identify Excessive moisture, Water Leak. It also helps us to assess Energy efficiency, specifically at the external openings. We also can check health of the Slab & Brick work
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