Pest Inspections Brisbane

Articon Building Inspections have been proudly servicing Brisbane and the surrounding areas for years, providing both commercial and residential clients with fast and reliable pest inspections. Our team of licensed, insured and experienced professionals are available to offer comprehensive inspection-only services throughout the entire development process.


Trust that you will have peace of mind for your home or business will be notified of all possible issues like termites, roaches or any troublesome bugs that might cause costly or structural damage. What’s more, we provide you with a report on the same day. Whether you need pest inspections Brisbane wide or anywhere else in Southeast Queensland, we’re ready to provide accurate property inspection services — fast.


Don’t put off a pest inspection! Whether it’s commercial or home pest inspections, call us today to book your building and pest inspection Brisbane wide at 1300 350 553, or send us email to info@articon.com.au or book online.

Pest inspections Brisbane

What sets us apart from other pest inspectors? Our dedicated team is committed to providing the most professional, high-end customer service for our customers. We not only strive to provide technical expertise but also build trust with our clients by staying true to our promise of sending same-day reports and not charging excessive fees. We are certified and qualified in the field, so you can be reassured that your house, building or apartment pest inspections will be conducted with efficiency and accuracy. To ensure a stress-free experience, we have added an insurance policy that has been designed specifically to protect our customers. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you.


Articon Building Inspections is the perfect choice if you need a professional and reliable pest inspection for your commercial property. Our team of experts will provide a swift and fair service, offering advice that considers all your needs. With great customer service, you know you can rely on us to assist you in making informed decisions about your property or building. So give us a call today and be sure that you are choosing quality when it comes to building pest inspections for your commercial property.


Pests can be one of the most aggravating and nerve-wracking things to deal with in a home. Not only do they leave messes and destruction, but their presence can also bring about a wide range of health issues for the people living in the home, as well as those who visit.

If you think your home could be infested with pests, don’t wait, get in touch with Articon today. Our team of licensed pest inspectors will make sure your home meets all the requirements for a professional inspection to rid it of these nasty intruders. With our thorough house pest inspection, we guarantee our customers peace of mind!



A pest-infested apartment building can be a nightmare for the residents and the landlord alike. From bed bugs to cockroaches and even rodents, pests in a building can cause various levels of discomfort that are not only disturbing but could lead to serious illnesses. Luckily, our building pest inspections provide an extensive report for you to provide to your landlord or property manager to remedy.


As your apartment building’s premier choice for pest inspections, Articon takes a detailed approach to identifying problem areas to help your third-party exterminator eliminate any infestation before it gets worse. Our experienced technicians and patented technology will allow you to rest assured that your residents will be living in a safe and clean environment soon after.


Pest inspections are essential in any property with occupants, both residential and commercial. Our same-day reporting service allows residents to have peace of mind, and if we miss sending you the pest inspection report on the same day, we waive the fee!

With some of the most advanced pest inspection methods when it comes to protecting homes or businesses, you can rely on Articon. 

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Trust Articon Building Inspections for your pest inspections Brisbane wide! Our team has years of knowledge and experience when it comes to mitigating pest issues and ensuring structurally sound buildings. For home pest inspections and comprehensive inspection reports, contact us at 1300 350 553, via email info@articon.com.au or book online.

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